Journal mission

JAL is primarily interested in publishing scholarly work  on study of existence of the universe as a whole. This endeavor require understanding the interconnection between the cosmos and life and focuses on variety of fields ranging from ecology, climate change, meteorology, celestial mechanics, astrophysics, astrobiology, origin and evolution of life, and extinction of life.  

Some basic questions about life and space involving multidisciplinary subjects are what will help in expanding space research, what kind of life forms to expect on other planets, understanding more closely the life on earth, especially in extreme weather, what is the effect of forces from planets on life, what is the meaning of life etc.

What we do?

We publish peer-reviewed research articles either developing new theories or exploring the crosstalk between astronomy and life sciences . The papers can be either review, research or commentary. 

Salient features
KPG strongly believes that reviewers' contribution is very important in helping authors in identifying potential areas of manuscript improvement. Therefore, after blind review, all accepted papers list the name of reviewers and provide access to review reports. This makes the complete review process more transparent and helps us in giving the due credits to the reviewers.

All published papers will be available to readers without subscription.

Vision, Mission and Values Statement of KPG
Vision Statement

Knowledge Publishing Group seeks to become both a source and an engine of leading scientific discoveries and technological advancements.

Mission Statement

To support and to give voice to scientific discoveries and innovation.

Values Statement

KPG's Core Values are:

1. Encourage multidisciplinarity approach.
2. Support fusion of science and innovation.
3. Give voice to novel ideas.
4. Rediscover the lost knowledge.