• Journal Scope
JAL is primarily interested in publishing scholarly work  on study of existence of the universe as a whole. This endeavor require understanding the interconnection between the cosmos and life and focuses on variety of fields ranging from ecology, climate change, meteorology, celestial mechanics, astrophysics, astrobiology, origin and evolution of life, and extinction of life.  Some basic questions about life and space involving multidisciplinary subjects are what will help in expanding space research, what kind of life forms to expect on other planets, understanding more closely the life on earth, especially in extreme weather, what is the effect of forces from planets on life, what is the meaning of life etc. Few of the themes covered in the scope of this journal         include: 
Climate Change 
Biology of rare species on earth
Biology of extreme wheather
Origin of life
Extraterrestrial life
Simulation Based studies on the subject

    • Manuscript preparation and formatting

    To maintain the highest level of presentation and to strictly follow the formatting guidelines, our production team take care of final paper formatting. Therefore, author need not to worry about the formatting. However, on case by case basis, our editorial/reviewer team can suggest some formatting (e.g., re-arrangement of manuscript content). For submitting a paper, a manuscript should contain following contents (need not to be in this order):

    • Abstract
    • Keywords
    • Introduction
    • Results
    • Methods/Approach
    • Results
    • Conclusion/Furure directions/Importance of the work
    • References

  • Manuscript submission
  • Please use our online paper management system to submit your paper for initial assessment as well as for submitting revised version of your paper. 

  • Manuscript revision time. 
    It is our aim to minimize the revision time, but not at the expense of review quality. Currently, single paper review takes approximate 2 weeks.

  • Type of submissions. 
    Currently, JAL accepts following 4 types of articles:

    • Editor Note
      Invitation only. Editor can write a brief note about published papers, breakthrough research, or potentially interested research problems.
    • Review Article
      A critical review of some reasearh field/top. These articles need to be comprehensive and should also provide details about the state of the art of the concerned field of research.
    • Research Article
      Article reporting novel work having the potential to push the boundary of technological growth.
    • JoMS Focus
      A brief writeup of the work which has not been completed but has produced some interesting results/findings.
  • Manuscript handling charges and page limits.
    JAL is an open access journal and there is no publication charges for the authors.